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DEMOS CONTINENTAL is the first Greek Grocery shop in North London that began operations back in 1965. The shop has been bought by Agrofarm Industries Ltd in 2015 and now it’s under Agrofarm’s management.
The shop is located at 8 Green Lanes N13 6JR at Palmers Green area which is a very high-density area of Greeks and Cypriots.
As the shop is well known by almost all of the last 3 generations of Greeks living in London & (the UK in general) is recognized that the expectations and responsibilities towards its customers are on a large and wide scale.
The shop today is specialized in the sale of Greek ethnic food from Greece and Cyprus. It gives high attention on the following main aspects
a.    The direct importations on a regular weekly basis of fresh seasonal unwaxed fruits & vegetables from Cyprus such as Kolocasi, Potatoes, Artichokes, Cucumbers, Avocados, Clementines,  Oranges, Lemons, Apples and many others.
b.    The direct importations from Greece & Cyprus of 800 different items of Dry products such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil and olives, pasta, Dairies, Legumes, Sweets, Frozen Food and many others.
c.    The direct importations from Greece & Cyprus of a great and selected variety of wines & spirits.
d.    The Trading of other famous brands of Greek and Cypriot products that other importers bring in the UK such as Kean, Laiko, Mitsides, Charalambous, Loel, Keo, Fedon, Johnsof, Attiki, Loumides, Misko,3A, Agrino, Ion, Papadopoulou, Lux, Mythos, Fix, Xrysi Zymi & many others.
e.    To keep and maintain low prices on all the variety of products with high attention on the line of the main products.


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Open: Monday To Sunday 7:45am to 8pm

Demos Continental - Agrofarm
8 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, London N13 6JR