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greek grocery Anthos alubia beans
Anthos alubia beans
greek grocery Anthos-black eye beans
Anthos black eye beans
Anthos broad beans
Anthos broad beans
greek groceries Anthos chick peas
Anthos chick peas
Anthos green lentils greek supermarket
Anthos green lentils
Ellinas feta cheese
Ellinas feta cheese
Ellinas fete cheese greek supermarket
Ellinas fete cheese




Kouroushis 3kg



Stephanis Halloumi in brine 1kg


Threpsi Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5L
Threpsi Salad Oil 5L
Amphisis throumba olives 750kg
Gold coffe Haralambous 200gr
kokoretsi ready skewered
kokoretsi ready skewered



Demos Continental Greek Grocery - Greek and Cypriot Products.

Authentic Greek & Cypriot grocery products, Greek food and drinks specialist Demos Continental one of the largest importers in Palmers Green North London.
Offering a great range of fine foods from Greece and Cyprus and beyond, including olives, olive oil, honey, feta, halloumi and vine leaves, as well some more unusual lines such as,
frozen fish and vegetables, pastries, dips, legumes, cheeses, coffee, tea, sweets and all seassonable fruit & Vegetables, wines, spirits and many more.

Greek Grocery

The direct importations on a regular weekly basis of fresh seasonal unwaxed fruits & vegetables from Cyprus such as Kolocasi, Potatoes, Artichokes, Cucumbers, Avocados, Clementines,  Oranges, Lemons, Apples and many others.

Demos Continental Greek groceries thoughtfully stock and provide retail Greek food and groceries in North London Green Lanes.
We source the best Greek products and bring them direct to your table.

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Open: Monday To Sunday 7:45am to 8pm

Demos Continental - Agrofarm
8 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, London N13 6JR