The most delicious dairy you have ever tasted! Top-quality products with a high nutritional value from our farm! Koukakis Farm is located at Kato Apostoli Kilkis, where the clean air and completely natural environment create ideal conditions for breeding and development of its plant and animal capital (fodder crops, cows). The company produces pure & delicious dairy products according to the strictest international certified standards. Every time you taste one of Koukakis Farm products, you enjoy the authentic, traditional Greek recipe.

Yoghurt is produced from pure, fresh Koukakis Farm milk. Enjoy the full taste of authentic Greek yoghurt with the traditional, rich flavour and velvety texture.


Full–fat, pasteurized cow’s milk, milk cream, milk proteins, lactic acid culture.

Koukakis Greek Yogurt 10% - 1kg

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  • 1kg