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Demos Continental Greek Grocery - Greek and Cypriot Products.

Authentic Greek & Cypriot grocery products, Greek food and drinks specialist Demos Continental one of the largest importers in Palmers Green North London.
Offering a great range of fine foods from Greece and Cyprus and beyond, including olives, olive oil, honey, feta, halloumi and vine leaves, as well some more unusual lines such as,
frozen fish and vegetables, pastries, dips, legumes, cheeses, coffee, tea, sweets and all seassonable fruit & Vegetables, wines, spirits and many more.

Greek food

The direct importations on a regular weekly basis of fresh seasonal unwaxed fruits & vegetables from Cyprus such as Kolocasi, Potatoes, Artichokes, Cucumbers, Avocados, Clementines,  Oranges, Lemons, Apples and many others.

Demos Continental Greek groceries thoughtfully stock and provide retail Greek food and groceries in North London Green Lanes.
We source the best Greek products and bring them direct to your table.

Special Offers



Demos Continental


The shop is located at 8 Green Lanes N13 6JR, Palmers Green, London

Greek Grocery


fruit & Vegetables

Our many years of experience in the grocery field provides proof that we can serve our locals and ideal for restaurants quality of fresh groceries, vegetables and fruit.

The rich knowledge and structure are our guarantee of quality services and Greek food products creating a relationship of trust with our customers.

fruit & veg demos continental


Olives & Olive Oil

Our huge range of olives will make it easy for you to add that classic Greek and Cypriot taste to all of your foods: it’s the perfect solution for something truly special.

We also have a whole host of olive oil collections for you to use in your house or your business. This is some of the best olive oil on the market, offering you access to extra virgin olive oil at prices you can very quickly grow to love.


Freshly Baked

One of our main specialties here at Demos Continental is our rich range of freshly baked Flaouna, Halloumi, koulouri bread, Olive Pie, Tahini Pie.
From stunning dipping breads to rich and engaging, high quality breads that really fit with your meal for the evening, you can find we have Greek freshly baked breads waiting for you here every day.

greek cheese



Part of what makes the Greek and Cypriot lifestyle so good is their rich passion for cheese.

Now, you can easily improve your grocery range, by using some amazing Greek cheese recipes. With our access to fresh and natural produce, you can enjoy picking up some amazing Greek foods that will really hit the right spot for all of the correct reasons.


Wines & Spirits

We have some of the most popular brands of wine and spirit that you will find in Greece and Cyprus.

The rich and enigmatic range of drinks we have to offer should make it very easy indeed for you to make the right choices, always delivering a high standard of wine and spirits to fit in with your personal tastes.




Greek Groceries

We have some of the most popular brands of Greek groceries that you will find in Greece and Cyprus.
This is why we offer so many Special Offers for you to pick from

Sound like the perfect solution for you? Then all that you need to do is let us know. You just have to take a look at the Special Offers above.

With Demos Continental Greek food grocery, we make it easier than ever to bring you the customer a rich standard of outstanding quality Greek groceries, without breaking the bank!

The Trading of other famous Greek supermarket brands of Greek and Cypriot products that other importers bring in the UK such as Kean, Laiko, Mitsides, Charalambous, Loel, Keo, Fedon, Johnsof, Attiki, Loumides, Misko,3A, Agrino, Ion, Papadopoulou, Lux, Mythos, Fix, Xrysi Zymi & many others.


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Open: Monday To Sunday 7:45am to 8pm

Demos Continental - Agrofarm
8 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, London N13 6JR