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Demos Continental

Greek Products

DEMOS CONTINENTAL is the oldest active Greek Grocery shop in London that began operations back in 1965. The shop is located at 8 Green Lanes N13 6JR at Palmers Green area which is a very high-density area of Greeks.

​Demos Continental is specialized in the direct importation of Greek food products. It maintains most probably the largest variety of Authentic Greek Products that exceeds the 3,200 different items. 

Offering a great range of fine foods from Greece and beyond; including olive oil and olives, honey and jams, coffee and tea, pastries and sweets, dairies and meat products as well as some unusual lines such as marinated fish, natural unwaxed fruits and vegetables, wines and spirits and many more.



Our many years of experience in the grocery field provides proof that we can serve our clients with high quality of fresh vegetables. The main aspect for this successful experience is the direct importation of all the fresh vegetables from Greece.

The rich knowledge and structure are our guarantee of quality services and Greek food products creating a relationship of trust with our customers.


The knowledge and experience of our structure of buyers both locally and Greece is the main source for the success of the supply of fresh fruits to our clients. The way that we choose to import several fruits directly from Greece allow us to offer them for sale in lower prices that what normally exists in the market.


We know very well that extra virgin olive oil is one of the main ingredients for the Greek cuisine. Based on that we try to create a great variety of high quality extra virgin olive oils from the most famous regions of Greece. 

We also give high attention on the selection of olives we have in our shop. We try to isolate the best quality of olives in combination with price range and we have managed to offer an excessive variety of the most famous Greek olives both individually packed or loose from our delicatessen. 

Wine Bottles

The history of Greek wine is so deep as the demand of the Greeks for a good bottle of wine. With the advice and direction of famous Greek wine Experts, we created a wine cellar with a great variety of both Greek wines of excellent quality that can reach quite a lot of personal tastes.

Of course, we cannot underestimate our great range and variety of fine Greek spirits such as Cognacs, Ouzo, Zivania, Tsipouro, Liqueurs and Beers.

Our passion!

We strongly believe that an authentic Greek Delicatessen is unrestricted a strong passion for the majority of Greek people. Our Delicatessen diversifies in 4 categories: Cheese, Meat Products, Marinated Fish and Olives. With advises and directions of experts and famous Greek Chefs we travelled to several areas that produces the most famous Greek Cheese and pick up those that allow us to present an astonishing variety of Deli products.


Attention has been given to high quality of our freshly baked products.

Various types of breads as well as traditional pastries like flaounas, olive pies, koupes, halloumi pies, tahini pies, spinach pies, tsourekia, pourekia and many more consist the range of our famous baked products.

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